Aug 4, 20202 min

In Living Color

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Color has always been my muse.
I’m an observer.
Always the wallflower.
My mind’s eye mentally records it all day long.
The slight variations of cerulean skies and saturated chartreuse on early spring willows.

How tracings of worn, fugitive-dyes cling to old velvet.

How vibrant reds can fade to perfect pinks.

How amber and aubergine tones comingle on fall leaves.

Everything becomes afflatus.

It’s all or nothing.
It‘s the sparkle and the fade.

The brilliant and the the tarnished.

Tragedy and splendor.

Searing beauty and the blemished oddity.
The mix of old aligned with the new.

Nothing pleases me more than being a mixologist with paint and textures.

Adding just the right smidge of pigment to tint a hue to make it just so.

Carelessly, recklessly " mad-scientistly", frivolously adding and mixing.

It’s the knowing when it’s right and when to quit.

Knowing when the nails been hit in the head.

A very nonchalant approach to the proverbial bullseye.
A more aimless D‘Artagnan lunge to my color making.

A clumsy archer‘s release.
There is no rhyme or reason, no real method to the madness to speak of.

I’m just shooting in the dark.
It’s just an internal sense as to where a color satisfies the inner creator.
Trial and then much, much error.

A more proper trained artist would be a abhorred by my blatant disregard for proper procedure. Blending dissimilar off-brand paints with indifference.
Spotty record keeping at best, keeping my formulas in my head instead of on paper.

Printed color charts
Chartreuse, always a color inspo

Sporadically I do record some of my favorite color schemes in chart form.

Bequeathing false, fanciful colorful names. Imaginary numerary sequences to assuage my feelings of some semblance of order and decorum.

Creations with free flowing script , rough-out scrolls and swags.
Most originals I can’t bear to part’s the magpie in me...wanting my cake and to eat it too.

As parting is such sweet sorrow, I’m in the throes of assembling a collection of printed color charts.
It makes me happy to be able to offer some of my favorites, all the while hoarding the originals !

Prints and other decorative fancies.
Recreated and reproduced.


Bear with me as I assemble....

Coming Fall 2020!

Small batches and limited quantities.

So to be in the know and first in line...make sure you are on my mailing list.


Vintage velvet color inspiration
Unison Colour
Color chart , gotta love the dots!
I’m fainting over these pink velvets by Rebecca Purcell
State Farm zinnias in a smashing array of color
Coral and salmon perfection . Paris Couture Antiques
Antique Wedgewood Jasper Trials ..color crush!
Turner Pocock wallpaper with fab pink deconstructed chair
Versailles of course!
Color and texture inspiration from my studio
Moss covered statue in antique chartreuse
Elitis velvet colorful pillow inspiration
Home of John Derian antique painter’s palette
Replica paint charts trimmed with gold leaf & antiqued moulding
Neoclassical design with velvet walls, couture color via Pinterest
From my studio
Heavily patined electric-orange walls, sigh.
Inspirational 17th century velvet metallic tassels Dibellaluce inspiring fade
Color charts at the Dr.Oliver Bronson House Hudson, NY
From my studio
Lush silk-velvet color inspiration