Instant heirloom de-bossed, silk- velvet journals with my signature Rosa Rugosa or “Wild Rose” sketch.

A collaboration with The First Snow, a creative company out Colorado.


True story.

My dear friend had gifted me a velvet-debossed card years ago and I have coveted it all the while. It’s hung cabinet knobs, It’s acted as a Christmas tree ornament , it’s perched inside gilded frames. It just "fancies up" everything it touches.

That started the velvet fever.

I’ve been hunting high and low for a silk-velvet product that evokes that same feeling.... nostalgia, heirloom, decadent.


So you can imagine how excited I am to offer these color-laden, luxe, silken-velvet book!

Created by hand by The First Snow using my very own designs!


"She looked daisy safe, but smelled rose wild" -Wyatt


5x8”  Silk-velvet cover.

100 cream-colored blank pages waiting for you.

Made by hand in Colorado, USA


*Variations in surface textures such as slubs, shading, uneven construction, and various inconsistencies are the character and the natural beauty of silk-velvet and must not be considered flaws.

Aubergine Velvet Book