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Velveteen and linen throws, an artful layer to your home's palette.

Graceful urns sketch their way across a stage of antique blush and salmon-pink,  in the most warm and sentimental way.

I've taken some of my favorite designs, printed them on luxe veleteen and then paired up with 100% natural linen fabric.
* Available December 2021 
Think of your home as cake, and these light-weight throws as the frosting!
Perfect for when your heart needs dashes of pattern and color slathered about, either on chairs, sofas, beds or you!
Transitional and versatile.
Heirloom sensibility.
50”x72” fits like a throw
front is poly velveteen
back is 100% softened natural linen fabric
proudly sewn in New York, USA
spot clean or dry clean onl

Savoir Faire Throw

Out of Stock
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