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original artwork
decorum collectio

Paintings and designs.
Created in a centuries-old barn studio
with trademark antique and layered artistries.
Small batch home decor fashioned from vintage-inspired designs 
with heirloom sensibility.


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the decorum collection

The foundation for my collection stems from my love of vintage and antiquities.

Vintage motifs and textiles.  The classics.

Beauty in the decay.

Rich and faded hues. Layered and textural.

I've created this exclusive collection of pillows, printed backdrops, papers and textile home decor

to add artistic flavor and story to the home.

As always, small batches and limited quantities.

jennifer lanne cloud paintings

amaranthine: adj. eternally beautiful, and unfading, everlasting

Original artwork and paintings

created by

Jennifer Lanne. 

Aged, deconstructed and parched canvas

tacked to cradeled wood. 

Finished with an antiqued. gallery-profile gilded edge.

Classic motifs and designs with a modern twist.

jennifer lanne
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