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about me

jennifer lanne

i do it all.

first and foremost i paint and create.

 designing products from my original paintings and artwork comes next,

and then i  capture it all in photos

to tell my story.


I crush on color,

but lust for the fade.

The merge of old and new.

Modern, yet heirloom.

Seeking beauty in the flawed

my inspiration and mind is constantly beckoned

to vintage.

maybe it's from creating in a centuries old barn

and 1780's house that does it.

or my undying love of rich and textural antique textiles, classic motifs or objects covered in layers of paint.

maybe all of that.

my barn studio is where paint hits the canvas and where paintings evolve with my trademark distressed finishes.

some paintings showcase edges rimmed

in crackled gold leaf.

some paintings become large scale canvas backdrops.

some of the original designs become fodder for my decorum collection.

all come from the heart.

My barn loft serves as a stage where I can set scenes to capture photos and better tell the story

of my artwork and product.

 ephemeral, vintage-fueled vignettes

are here today, gone tomorrow.

 only photos remain..

I don't have to leave home to find inspiration.

I live on a lively farmette with my husband and passel of well-adored and appointed farm pets.

every nook and cranny holds something for me.

 the outdoors and changing seasons in upstate new york are constant inspiration.

there's nothing better than

the freedom of being my own boss.

no limitations, no wrong answers.

i thrive on the challenge to create and create again.

the process of evolving.


All I want to do is create.

And maybe make things a bit more beautiful. 



jennifer lanne
jennifer lanne
jennifer lanne.jpg
jennifer lanne
Jennifer Lanne Where Women Create


-Autumn 2021


- Holiday 2018

My home, studio and artwork featured in

Flea Market Style Magazine


Reclaim Magazine UK

Issue #32


(digital download also available through

pocketmags app.

-Where Women Create

The "Best Of" issue!

Fall 2018

Find my home and studio in these publications:

Country Living Magazine July 2006

Where Women Create May/June 2009

Romantic Country Magazine Spring 2012

"Never Stop To Think, Do I Have A Place For This?" A book by Mary Randolph Carter 2014

 Fall 2017:

Boho Style Magazine


Flea Market Style Magazine

Spring 2018

BoHo Style Magazine

Jennifer Lanne
Reclaim Magazine
Flea Market Style
Reclaim Magazine
jennifer lanne
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