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Updated: Oct 30, 2021

I am the worlds biggest sucker.

For all things pretty.

Pretty and practical that is.

That’s the one-two knockout punch for a sucker like me.

A little bit creature-comfort a little bit utilitarian.

That’s the kind of practical magic that draws me like a moth to a flame.

Yes indeed, I fall for decor that's a hybrid of proper and slightly askew (heck, I’ve even made a career on all things off-kilter!)

A subtle alchemy of decor that exudes fussy flamboyance and yet a devil-may-care if you just plop yourself right down on it.

Oh for a soft place to land!

A house that is lived in doesn’t always look so picture perfect (oh, you so know what I mean!) … so if you're like me your home teeters precariously on the fringe of grey gardens yet littered with all things in an attempt to be luxurious, poised and palatial ( i.e. high low. )

If your house is anything like mine most days it looks a little bit like a raucous, rococo hoedown.

I can live with that wild menagerie of knick-knacks and bric-a-brac as long as it’s aesthetically pleasing. I can live with the collision of wild pillows and unfolded blankets, footloose and fancy free as long as they’re pretty and fetching. Clusters of colors and mystery waiting to be discovered in all the creases, wrinkles and folds of unkempt.

It‘s truly a selfish venture!

Me, wanting more layers.

Me, creating and making more things to layer. So thus enters my need/want for beguiling, linen-backed velveteen throws in my life.

Something to rekindle my dwindling love for my once-loved, worn-in furniture and decor …. Pops of color and luxe velveteen to give new life to spaces I’ve gazed upon a thousand times.

Making me fall in love again with what I have.

Reminding me why I have it.

Reinventing . Luxe velveteen tempered with natural nature of softened linen...the perfect topper, throw or coverlet for you and your furniture to don. For me, that is the hot ticket.

Pretty and pragmatic.

Jennifer Lanne pillows, throws and chandelier

This photo shoot was extra challenging.

It was traipsing props, headboard, foot board, mattress, chandelier piece by piece down a steep hill and then back up again. But how can I complain really? ( oh, how I suffer for art ! )

This is where I work

This is what I do,

and I love it.

Jennifer Lanne

Jennifer Lanne

Jennifer Lanne linen landscape backdrops
Jennifer Lanne linen landscape backdrops

Because Some things just go together. Peas and carrots. Sweet and Salty.

Landscapes and linen.

Because Some things just go together. Peas and carrots. Sweet and Salty.

Landscapes and Linen.

My, my there's just something about the texture of linen.

The warp and weft.

The rumple and fray.

To enhance it with distressing is divine. ( in my book of worn out things anyway)

Just enough gesso peeking through like a curious. raucous cat.

And then bring on then scenes.

Whether pastoral, sea, bucolic, forest, woodland, babbling brook, cascading waterfall or just plain moody or Hudson River-esque ....I cannot resist.

This Is just a small inaugural batch of original works mind you.

Perfect, petite-sized, loose linen backdrops.

Amongst my many, many plans and pipe dreams is to have loads and loads of these.

Surrounded by every conceivable scene, cloud arrangement, sky and earthen color combo

known ( and unknown) to man ( and woman).

I have just a few personal/diva requests...(demands?) to paint copious amounts :

-More time on my hands (coinciding with equal amount of more energy) -Four extra hands (but will settle for two, as long as they are nimble)

-More space, like primo studio space (as long as I’m asking!) just build me a huge state of the art studio, magnificent views , revolving Kraft food table and/or personal chef, massage on demand (optional)

-A huge do not disturb sign.

ok, well I did say pipe dreams.......

So here they are for your perusal.

All original, true one of a kinds.

Distressed, crinkled and rumpled (as linen loves to do),

raw-edged with just the right amount of fray to keep them from being too prim and pretentious.

Do as you please.

Hang them loose, frame them in.

Either way, I hope you love them as much as I did creating them.


Jennifer Lanne linen landscape backdrop
Jennifer Lanne linen landscapes
Jennifer Lanne linen landscape backdrops
Jennifer Lanne linen landscape backdrops
Jennifer Lanne linen landscape backdrop paintings

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Jennifer Lanne Where Women Create

If you happen to be browsing for magazines and inspiration and you just so happen to pick up a copy of the Autumn 2021 issue of Where Women Create ...

well, you wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit. Yes indeed! I’m tucked in among the pages of Jo Packham’s magazine Where Women Create.

In a self-indulgent prattle, I’m here to pontificate about the glory of jo Packham’s magazine.

It really does put us creatives in the spotlight and on a scintillating pedestal.

It pulls back the curtain to show what goes on behind the scenes in our studios,

lives and what inspires us as artists and creatives. Messy or prim it’s just the dose of inspo you’ve been craving.

You can subscribe at Where Women Create or place a single issue order straight away!.

Or the issue should hit the stands by August 3rd.

A heartfelt thank you in advance for taking a peek and supporting us creative souls!


Jennifer Lanne
jennifer lanne where women create
jennifer lanne where women create inspiration studio board
jennifer lanne where women create

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