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Pictorials and Fables

I'm always a sucker for a good story. True or false, embellished or enhanced, no matter. As long as the characters reek of lore, romanticism, heroism, cynicism, narcissism. All the ”isms”

Please be the character development layered, complex, checkered and juicy.

As if held up to the light every flawed trait would be both messy and beautiful.

Intellectual with a slight tilt of mind-bending out-of-the-box-plot twists.

Jennifer Lanne canvas pillows

Heck, I grew up on soap operas where dramatic personae

had fantastical god-like names like

Ridge, Thorne, Holden.

They were bold, beautiful, young and restless.

Laugh if you must, but the more ridiculous the story the better.

Plus among the fluff and absurdities there was an unintentional deep message.

As if no matter how grim the situation you could prevail and survive anything.

You could fall of a cliff, drink poison or be killed off by your evil twin with plastic-surgery-to-not-look-like-your-twin

and then walk back onto the screen 4 episodes later all the better for it,

in fact thriving.

Oh, the optimism!

There’s lure to such crazy story lines riddled with obscurities.

Where one has to dig deep amongst all the fluff to find the meaning.

A hidden place where if you root around you can even unravel even the most quizzical Dennis Miller references.

So gimme flawed dispositions, imperfect demeanors, ambiguous situations. (quite possibly where my penchant for distressed finishes comes from, perfection being overrated, gleaming of unrealistic.)

So I just love a good story…go ahead, ramble on and as long as it tells a tale. Prattle on about figures who are ready to strike a pose like there’s nothing to it.

Make me a moment where heroism is the mainstay.

Utmost theatrical.

So, in this mindset my

Pictorial Collection was conceived.

Sprung forth from my head like the birth of Athena .

A collection laden with figurals and scenes.

where everyone is living their best lives.

Canvas pillow stories that can sit like plump bavardages on your furniture.

Petite printed backdrops to add that flavor and labrish to your walls.

Large portfolio-sized zippered pouches (or pochettes) to gossip about.

So tell a tall tale. Bedizen a bit, add some meaning, throw in a few mythical beings…my interest is peaked!


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