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velvet, my love

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Down the velvet rabbit-hole I go.

Call it an obsession or passion or even law of attraction, but anything velvet induced shamelessly draws me in like a moth to a flame.

I could look at a mega-pint of sumptuous velvety images, feel buttery swatches or just hear the word “velvet”, like honey dripping in my ears, all the live-long, sing-song day.

Could it be the saturation of the colors againat the subtle variation of sheen and shimmer against the matte? or is it the the plush and pile? Dullness and the depth?

Maybe the richness in the history of lavish…

yes, and how that exudes some kind of portal back in time where the closeness of fashion and decor displayed in tandem trimmed and drippy with embroidery and embellishments.

Velvet was the standard of decadence.

Nipped-in waistcoats, accoutrements tipped with florets and millinery blossoms, tête à tête lounges shimmer and faded with embossed and cut velvets.

It‘s taking the most utilitarian and pragmatic object and slathering velvet over it that suddenly it’s transformed into a sea of laid back calm and top-drawer luxe.

How could anything be more lovelier than the vision of a deer‘s antlers in velvet ?

It just isn’t fair how velvet just has it all.

All salty and sweet, habitually rich and riddled with dappled flaws.

So clever.

It’s a thistledown of silken pampering and tantalizing Victorian.

A kismet collision of vixen and priggish.

It’s equal parts a thicket of sheen and pasture of deep hues.

Mind you, I haven’t forgotten the “Velvet Elvis” stage or “dogs with poker” tapestry, but it’s graciously forgiven.

I don’t need a season or a reason for velvet.

It hits me hard whether the weather.

Spring , summer, autumn, winter. I will carry it, don it, sit upon it.

So now that I’ve made my case for velvet I am literally making cases with velvet.

Silk-velvet, printed velvet.

Call them clutches, pouches or pochettes.

Either or, no matter.

I, for one cannot get enough.

To be tasked to pick a favorite would be cruel.

Each design beckons!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.


Green And Teal Velvet Tufted Chairs Jacques Garcia via pinterest

Jennifer Lanne velvet pochette
"Timeless" Landscape Velvet Pochette

Tufted Pink Velvet via pinterest

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