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Greening The Farmlet

The merry month of May.

It's a long wait to see the green for us northerners.

Kudos to the virtues of patience.

It's well worth it.

As I get older I'm finding joy in all the seasons, but always true to the warmer months.

(winter has always been my red-headed stepchild of the seasons, however I'm warming up to it.)

Maybe it’s my undying love for chartreuse or the passion I have for the deciduous.

First come the greening of the drapey willows . then the flowerings, then the lilacs and then lastly. late-to-the-party, arbor explosion of grapevine leaves.

Something so magically poetic about the return to lush.


Fresh moss, parading it’s sweet-self on by an antique urn
Bantam hen perched on grapevines
Fiddle dee dee! Fiddle head ferns making their Spring debut
Fresh moss for Archer!
Lilac leaf sprig festooning an old iron ring

Sprig of viburnum getting ready for showtime
Lilacs love to pose!

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