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Launching Decorum

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

decorum (n.)

1560s, "that which is proper or fitting in a literary or artistic composition;" 1580s, "propriety of speech, behavior, or dress; formal politeness," from Latin decorum "that which is seemly," decorous "fit, proper, elegance, charm, to add grace, ornament."


I’ve always loved that word

There’s something so hoity-toity about it that I admire.

It puts order to chaos and rule to unruly.

It’s something that draws me to period shows and films.

I’m a sucker for proper procedure.

Stall worthy traditions, spit on a handshake. Following protocol, loyalty, integrity.

The classics, heirloom sensibility.

I'm old school like that.

I myself admit-ably am a work in "decorous" training.

ts probably why I just want more decorum in my life!

So behold!

This is has become a year to rewrite, purge, hone and edit.

To tell my own story.

A year to bestow birds to the takers and mercenaries

and to give gratitude to the givers.

A year to re-access what and who I want to be and surround myself with creatively.

What matters to me and my artistic soul...and what is right. As the Greeks say, “meraki”... putting something of yourself into with love

and purpose. More meaningful.

More Promethean if you will!

As always It’s the dark ages that bring about enlightenment and epiphanies.

What I keep coming back to as my true north:

My love of vintage, it runs deep.

Antique, classic motifs yet slightly frayed and leaning left of center... that’s me. A tongue-in-cheek approach to high brow decor.

I've been in desperate need of something that represents me, despite any lifeless metrics.

Maybe realizing that art and creating isn’t just what I do, but it’s who I am.

So what I'm really saying... is that I am back to producing my own new line of home decor!

If you were a fan of my Art At Home Collection

(that I founded way back when in 2015 with a hope and a dream) then I think this will be right up your alley.

Everything here is so near and dear to my heart. But I gotta tell you It’s quite the arduous process this creating.

On the surface I am that proverbial duck, cool, calm and collected...but under the surface I am paddling like hell.

It’s hard producing a line of goods.

I mean really hard.

As a one-woman show It’s especially hard still. From the inception on the artwork to finished product is about 1,000 little steps where troubleshooting becomes painfully cliche.

Pinching pennies and self-funding is a tricky dance with Peter and Paul. And then the rare days of rejoicing over happy accidents and wind at my back.

So I’m am grateful and sooo thankful for the passion and moxie of being a creator. It’s truly the flames licking at my heels.

It's been endless days building webpages. photography, formatting resizing, doing and redoing to the point of madness especially when you're not exactly tech savvy. Or when your left and right brains are in a constant battle. You don’t even want to hear me moan on about learning new art and pattern making programs. (double ugh)

I'm a total bumbling amateur in that respect.

But I do my best. Most times hubby is my creative director. He’s actually quite good at it... (but don’t tell him, I fear an eminent ego trip as he already won’t drink tap water, and will surely soon enough be requesting Perrier.)

But guess what?

I LOVE it.

I love the challenge.

I flippin‘ love it .

It's the most fulfilling thing.

To see something from start to finish.

It’s that proper procedure.

Doing what you say, saying what you do.

That the same hands that put the initial paint to canvas

are the ones to pack the finish product and ship it off to you.

So after 3 months of hoofin’ it and doin’ the hustle .....

and without further adieu,

I am here to announce my new line of exclusive home decor and objects with vintage appeal and heirloom sensibility!

Please enjoy a first look at my newly launched line

Only available at

After all, everyone needs a little more “decorum”, right?!


p.s. To anyone who told me I had integrity or that they were proud of me...or just simply took time to read this blog,

or have followed along my journey,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Silk Velvet books, printed backdrops and silk scarves by artist Jennifer Lanne for Decorum in chartreuse

Artist Jennifer Lanne with velveteen pillows for Decorum
Artist Jennifer Lanne

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