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Releasing Bluebirds

Why so much felicity Bluebird?

Is it the glint and flick of sapphire as you caper the sky?

Or the truth of the happiness you herald us by?

Ok, not exactly Tennyson but I do try.

Truly thou, I do implore.

Bluebirds are the poster children of happiness but why? Years ago at an auction, I bid exuberantly on a framed, hand-embroidered piece of passerines ... dipping and diving with the word “happiness” embroidered below .

it wasn’t until years later I actually realized the sentiment was “Bluebirds for Happiness”.

They are enchanting little creatures, fulgently blue. Mystifying to see. I gaze upon them with the same wide-eyed wonderment as Gerry from Corfu.

Harbingers of happiness and sprites of the most brilliant blue.

So there’s this via googling:

The Iroquois believe that the bluebird is a harbinger of spring that fights off the evil demigod of winter, Tawiscaron. According to folklore, many Native Americans hung dry gourds to entice bluebirds to nest

near their settlements so they can enjoy their enchanting songs of happiness and hope.

Well, that says it all.

I’m going with that.


Embroidered “Happiness For Bluebirds” auction win!

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