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The merry month of May.

It's a long wait to see the green for us northerners.

Kudos to the virtues of patience.

It's well worth it.

As I get older I'm finding joy in all the seasons, but always true to the warmer months.

(winter has always been my red-headed stepchild of the seasons, however I'm warming up to it.)

Maybe it’s my undying love for chartreuse or the passion I have for the deciduous.

First come the greening of the drapey willows . then the flowerings, then the lilacs and then lastly. late-to-the-party, arbor explosion of grapevine leaves.

Something so magically poetic about the return to lush.


Fresh moss, parading it’s sweet-self on by an antique urn
Bantam hen perched on grapevines
Fiddle dee dee! Fiddle head ferns making their Spring debut
Fresh moss for Archer!
Lilac leaf sprig festooning an old iron ring

Sprig of viburnum getting ready for showtime
Lilacs love to pose!

Why so much felicity Bluebird?

Is it the glint and flick of sapphire as you caper the sky?

Or the truth of the happiness you herald us by?

Ok, not exactly Tennyson but I do try.

Truly thou, I do implore.

Bluebirds are the poster children of happiness but why? Years ago at an auction, I bid exuberantly on a framed, hand-embroidered piece of passerines ... dipping and diving with the word “happiness” embroidered below .

it wasn’t until years later I actually realized the sentiment was “Bluebirds for Happiness”.

They are enchanting little creatures, fulgently blue. Mystifying to see. I gaze upon them with the same wide-eyed wonderment as Gerry from Corfu.

Harbingers of happiness and sprites of the most brilliant blue.

So there’s this via googling:

The Iroquois believe that the bluebird is a harbinger of spring that fights off the evil demigod of winter, Tawiscaron. According to folklore, many Native Americans hung dry gourds to entice bluebirds to nest

near their settlements so they can enjoy their enchanting songs of happiness and hope.

Well, that says it all.

I’m going with that.


Embroidered “Happiness For Bluebirds” auction win!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Every creative needs a room of their own.

Just ask Ms. Woolf. Mine just so happens to be in a barn. Not quite on-par with the Biltmore of of the 1920’s,

but for me a luxury none the less.

Most days my studio is a cluttered, wayward explosion of projects,

colliding amidst inspiring gimcracks and brick-a-brack.

Other days it’s still a cluster, just of slightly more orderly chaos.

Rows of leaning paintings and backdrops ( in a moment of fleeting clarity) rolled as neatly as hedgerows.

Glamour is absent in a working space.

When spatial problems arise and grand notions beg for attention what's a girl to do?

I head the call and I expand ... and I expand upwards. Up to the barn loft above my workspace.

A place I can scheme and set scenes for my "lofty aspirations".

It's a place where large-scale backdrops and larger-than-life,

antique-fueled, painted portraits can hang about.

Personalities and landscapes come to life.

Most days I’m dwam-struck. Creating worlds of grandeur and escapes.

A place to be among the beau monde.

Or at least content to be the wallflower.

While just outside patiently waits the reality of work and chores to do,

A barrage of non-creative projects to tackle.

Sounds of the occasional lowing of the cloven hoofed

and tittering of feathered egg-layers are there to remind me this is just play.

But inside these four walls I can hold as much story and verbiage as a hard bound book. Setting scenes, creating stories, tiny little escapes.

An adventure filled existence. Unconventional daydreams.

A strange assortment of ideas, from old time and from new.

In that sense I’m probably a bit more Eustacia than Thomasin.

I'm drawn to the classics and the romance of it all.

Gilded objects against a dark canvas .

Glitter among the grit.

So I keep scheming and setting scenes in my old barn.

Classic motif’s and a "new class" of Neoclassical Victorian.

Grander stories with Dickensian plots...from the past, made anew.

- Jennifer

Barn Loft Chandelier
Jennifer Lanne studio
Theatrical barn vignette
Jennifer Lanne barn loft stiod
Barn Loft

portrait pillow by Jennifer Lanne for Decorum
"Ophelia" portrait pillow

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